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30th September 2013, SC hearing on PIL:
"No Clinical trial on 'Global clinical trials' including New Chemical Entities without proper mechanism” - Supreme Court -
In Such a short period how a large number of clinical trials on NCEs has been approved which is risky , the court asked the Government to submit all data related to approved 162 clinical trials to review.

Case Studies

Late Shreekrishna Gehalod (Victim), Indore, M.P.

       Late Mr. Shrikrishna Gehlot was enrolled in a trial for a drug called Olodaterol. The company is Boehinger Inhelam . Late Mr Gehlot who was suffering from breathing problems and admitted in the Government chest hospital where he was asked to sign some papers and the doctors told that it will help him in his treatment as the drugs were imported from America, but actually his health started detoriating and finally dead. Now when his family got realized about it, is asking for papers and details of trials, the Investigator is not even bothered to reply to his query.

Sharad Gite along with photograph of late Sheela Gite (Victim), Khandwa, M.P.

       In a complaint launched by Sharad Gite to NHRC, it has been stated that, he admitted her wife for a treatment at M Y Hospital indore under Dr. Apoorva Pauranik. As soon as treatment started by doctor, her health continuously started detoriating and she could not recognize her husband. Finally she got dead in Aug 2010. During treatment doctor assured of life insurance but refuse to respond after death of victim. Hence Sharad Gite launch a complaint to state govt. but still got no response from the government.

Santosh Raghuwanshi, son of late Chainsingh Raguwanshi (Victim), Indore, M.P.

       According to Santosh Raghuwanshi, there was Health check up camp organized where his father got examined and then after started treatment under Dr. Salil Bhargav at Gyanpushpa Research Center, Indore. His father was suffering through breathing problem. After treatment, his health fall down and finally in Jan 2010, he got dead. Through different news in media, his son came to know that trial has been done on his father. Currently he have launched a complaint in NHRC and awaiting for justice.

       Mrs Sundarabai is a patient of thyrotosicosis. When she visited the doctor for treatment, she was illegally enrolled by the doctor for a trial of Sun Pharmaceutical New drug,FDC of esomeprazole with levosulpiride . The trial of this unapproved drug was administrated by Dr Prashant Mahajan of Pune, Maharastra to make money at the cost of risk of patient.

       Victim (Name confidential) was a suffering through heart disease and while taking treatment, in the name of free treatment and taking consent blindly, trial of E5555 drug (now known as atoparax, EISAI) was done on him. Currently he is suffering through dementia which might be an adverse reaction of the trial medicine. The record of the trial was maintained on the card which is now available with victim. Now after realizing it, he is asking for copy of the consent form to investigator through legal notice but investigator refused to give it.